A tale of two mouses

The Microsoft Style Guide recommends that the plural form of the pointing device is mouses, to distinguish them from the rodents. With that out of the way; when I bought my desktop computer to play Kerbal Space Program without blowing my laptop apart (I have one dead laptop, likely because of the heat stress caused by the game) I got myself a nice mouse.


Microsoft “Designer Bluetooth” mouse

And then I made the mistake of putting cheap batteries in it. Not of some fantasy brand, but Kodak branded. I didn’t they’d be bad, one needs batteries in camera equipment and Kodak is a reputable (albeit bankrupt) brand. And I was wrong, so wrong…

Because these batteries did something that surprised my: leaking while providing charge. Normally batteries leak when they’re empty and you keep pushing their internal chemical reaction, but not these. So when my mouse stopped working, I figured “empty battery” and popped out the battery door (a lovely magnetic construction on this mouse), only to be confronted with a stunning amount of white crust, that obviously had taken days, if not weeks, to build up.

I cleaned my mouse as much as possible, but it never worked as good and would require, from time to time, taking the batteries out and putting them back in (probably to remove oxidation from the contacts).

Finally, I had enough and replaced it with a cheap mouse, the Microsoft “Mobile 1850” that the local electronics store had on sale for $10


Microsoft Mobile 1850 mouse

It’s not a bad mouse, it does the job, and it’s fairly comfortable. But it struggled with the woodgrain on my desk, something the Designer had never a problem with. Nothing a mousepad can’t fix, but I hate mousepads. Sometimes I want to have the mouse next to the keyboard, sometimes a little bit behind it, to stretch my arm; and now I have to move the mousepad with it.

So, after two days I gave in and got myself another Designer mouse (using Duracell batteries) and all is good now. And I have a spare wireless mouse!


Who knew?

I got my son a gaming PC for his birthday. I don’t have experience with PC’s that are supposed to look like a spaceship.


cyberpowerpcThe transparent side had protective plastic on both outside and inside. So I removed the four screws that hold it… only to be shocked by its weight. That’s not a piece of perspex that was bolted on the side. That’s a solid piece of glass! Who knew?